Since North Central has blocked all websites related to Weebly, I have set up a new website for Biology.  For any information before spring break, please click here.  Note, you will not be able to access the old information from North Central.

Welcome to Ms. Tschudy's website.  You should be able to easily find access to assignments you may have missed as well as notes and other important information to be successful in biology this semester! 

For Success in Biology you must do the following:

1. Read all course material and do appropriate exercises/homework.

2. Attend and participate in class regularly.

3. Spend out of class time studying.

4. Seek help when needed. 

 Important information for the week of: May 19-23

Monday: Osmosis Jones

Tuesday: Osmosis Jones

Wednesday: Review for Final

Thursday: Review for Final

Friday: Review for Final

For this week's extra credit answer this question:  Draw a picture of exponential growth on a graph.

Write your answer on a piece of paper with your name on it, and hand it to Ms. Tschudy as you come into class.

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